Living with OCD
This CAN be controlled

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What is OCD?

OCD, short for obsessive-compulsive disorder, is having a tendency towards excessive orderliness, perfectionism, and great attention to detail.

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What are some OCD symptoms?

If you have OCD, you may experience a fear of being contaminated by germs or dirt and/or a fear of losing or not having things you might need. Those are just a few of many examples.

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How to control OCD?

Here are some ways for controlling your OCD:
  1. Manage your stress, stress can make OCD worse!
  2. Support groups - find a group that understands what you’re going through!
  3. Therapist - find a trusted professional to talk to.

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Where can I get more information on OCD?

For more information about symptoms of OCD and ways of dealing with it, take a look at the links provided on the resource page.